Perry Gerhard joined us from the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee); he’s there with a group visiting places where, historically, the Ark of the Covenant was.

Perry, a drummer, spent2 hours worshipping on the Sea with 88 people!

Then we were joined by Kellen Davison, who is in Jerusalem organizing a ‘reconciliation with Israel’ conference to take place on Mount Zion at Pesach (Passover). Kellen has an online magazine David’s Star, which was launched about 20 years ago, when Kellen, following news from Israel and the region, began to pray for Israel.

“This is my sixth trip to Israel,” he said. “In the Land, we mostly get positive reactions to Christians (or Ephraimites, as some call themselves) who want to keep Torah. Yesterday I bumped into a Jewish gentleman, and when I tld him about the reconciliation conference he said, ‘That’s what I’m doing now—this man’s a Christian, and we talk about Torah together, and send each other emails.’

“In October last year, I had feedback from an Orthodox rabbi who said, ‘You’re not allowed to keep Shabbat; you’re Gentiles.’ But when I explained, ‘I worship the God of Israel and I’m keeping Torah,’ he listened, and turned from negative to somewhat positive.”

“The place where I’m staying right now—the Road to Emmaus is right outside my window!”

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“It’s really important to listen, to hear what Judah thinks about us,” says Kellen Davison