Just how close are we? – part 4

At some point, all the study and teaching and speculation about the End of the Age will come to the right conclusion – meaning that at some point the age really will end!  Are we at that point?  Steve Moutria comes back to the Remnant Road to talk about that.  We continue a conversation we began with him last spring, taking into account events of the summer and additional gleanings Steve and others have gained from study of the scriptures in context.

Our visit with Steve begins with news about TorahFamily.org, the teaching ministry he and his wife Angie established this time last year in response to the Holy Spirit’s leading.  When you visit their web site (http://torahfamily.org/), you will see a wealth of resources for everyone in the family – including a new teaching series made especially for teenagers.  TorahFamily.org really is a one-stop-shop for insights about how the entire family can walk out the instructions of our Creator and His Messiah!

Walking out the Torah (teaching, instructions) of YHVH is vital in this season, as Steve explains beginning in the second hour.  Are we really about to see Messiah’s return?  Is the End of the Age to unfold in the coming year?  There are some who believe so.  Listen as we discuss that, and discuss what YHVH requires of His people in every age!

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