The Eclipse is coming! Should I be worried?

People have regarded solar eclipses as frightening signs of disaster and judgment since the beginning of recorded history. Is that how we should view the Great American Eclipse of 2017? How does it fit in the prophetic timeline of Israel’s restoration – and how is that even relevant? That’s the topic for our first hour. Mike and Al will try to get beyond the hype and talk about the possible meaning of this celestial event which many people regard as a sign from God.

For our second hour we will talk with Gloria and Frank Bloomfield, known as Yocheved and Pinchas to their friends. They are leaders of Kol HaMashiach Messianic Congregation in Lake City, Florida (, which hosted the Latter Reign Conference August 11-13. Speakers Mike Clayton, Hanoch Young, Jim Barfield, and David Altman provided exciting and challenging presentations focused on Israel. To order DVDs of the conference, email For now, listen to this compelling summary of what happened!

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