Just how close are we?

Good Bible students pay attention to prophecy. Wise Bible students know that they will not understand it completely until the time comes for YHVH to reveal its full meaning. As in the days of Noah and Lot, that time of revelation comes only as great events are about to break forth. Are we at that time now? That is the subject we discuss with two men who have come to similar conclusions about the prophecy of the 70 Weeks in Daniel 9:24-27. Steve Moutria of TorahFamily.org joins us in the first hour to share his recent analysis of familiar prophecies. In the second hour we welcome Greg Raley of Houston, TX, a Bible scholar who listens to the Holy Spirit and pays attention to the world around us.

WARNING: THIS IS NOT FOR THE FAINTHEARTED! Our guests present interpretations that challenge conventional understanding of such topics as the start and duration of the Tribulation, the Seven Churches of Revelation 2-3, the timing of Messiah’s return, and the identity of the antimessiah. You’ll want to have your Bible handy and listen to this podcast more than once as Steve and Greg go over paradigm-shifting prophetic analysis.

This is the second in a series Daniel and Al have begun on prophecy in these Last Days. The series features special guests on the Remnant Road each Monday morning and Prepare the Way each Wednesday evening.  Our first guest was Gil Broussard on Prepare the Way last week discussing the return of Planet X (for the podcast go here:  http://hebrewnationonline.com/category/radio/prepare-the-way/).

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