How do I m0urn?

Death is certain. How do we approach it?

It is inevitable that we must say farewell to loved ones. Every culture has ways of doing so with honor, respect, and dignity. In Christian traditions in the West, this is most visible in military funerals – honoring not only warriors who have laid down their lives, but the ones they have left behind.

Jewish tradition also deals with loss in deeply moving, respectful, and honorable ways rooted not only in centuries of tradition, but ultimately in the Torah. This brings up an important question: what is there in Jewish practice that could help the Body of Messiah process the loss of loved ones? Then there is another question that is just as important: how do we honor the one who has died?

This is a question Theresa Bates can help us answer. She has learned much about how to help others in making end of life decisions, and taking care of people when they die. This is the purpose of her ministry, Peaceful Passages. She joins us on The Remnant Road to address a very important subject most of us, quite honestly, are not ready to consider. Theresa will help us with counsel on questions it probably has not even occurred to us to ask. Come along with us on this journey. You will be glad you did.

About the pictures: The cover image for this show is a collage of pictures depicting honors and mourning in memory of the dead. At top left is a relative mourning at the funeral procession of Yoav Hattab, one of four Jewish victims in the Paris Kosher market terror attack of January 13, 2015 (photo: Ben Kelmer/Flash90, via The Times of Israel). In the center are the gravestones of J.A.Z. Susskind and A.F. Tillyer, two British soldiers killed in Europe near the end of World War II and interred at the Arnhem-Oosterbeek War Cemetery, The Netherlands. At top right is a photo of young Christian Golczynski receiving the flag that had draped the coffin of his father, Marine Staff Sgt. Marcus Golczynski, who died in Iraq in 2007 (photo: Aaron Thompson/Daily News Journal).

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