In this morning show, we interview James Block, an Ephraimite living in the Land of Israel, married to a Messianic Jewish native Israeli. James is a musician that composes praise songs, and surprises many people in the Land by singing the Name of the Most High, ????. He discusses different issues with living in the land, and we speak on things like home assemblies vs. established buildings, what Ephraimites have to offer, and more.

On the second hour, we take a break and speak with Itamar Marcus, the director and founder of Palestinian Media Watch. He discusses some news stories from the Palestinian areas, and delves into the culture of hate that Israel is being pressured into dealing with. We discuss the reasons the US is pressuring Israel into a bad peace deal, and ask about why this peace deal is proceeding, in spite of the hate and murderous policies of the “moderate” Palestinian Authority.