Fighting for Social Justice with Torah

Today Dr. Deb Wiley and Kisha Gallagher had a few technical issues, but were finally able to connect with a fascinating guest that shared her testimony of overcoming and about ministering to the inner cities of Harlem, Philly, and Brooklyn. Onleilove Alston (pronounced as “only love”) inspired us today with how Yeshua, the Torah, and a Hebraic mindset is challenging and changing people in several inner cities to live not only as a free people, but as vibrant overcomers!

Onleilove Alston has an extensive educational background in both Biblical studies and social work, making her a unique and powerful minister to Black Hebrew communities and the larger Hebraic Roots Body. You don’t want to miss her amazing testimony, nor miss hearing about the Black Hebraic community in the northeast! Listen now!

Learn more about Onleilove here and here. Become a follower of her work and receive news of her upcoming book on her blog, Wholeness 4 Love.