Intimacy Symbolized  in the Feasts & Tabernacle with John Diffenderfer

Last week (yes, we are very late posting!) John Diffenderfer, pastor of Mercy Collective in Nashville, TN and author of The Marriage Commandments rejoined Dr. Deb Wiley and Kisha Gallagher to expound upon a special teaching he delivered last Shavuot, and at the Women of Valor conference. In these messages, John compares the Tabernacle, especially the Most Holy Place to the intimacy experienced between man and wife. By uncovering the various layers and structure of the Mishkan, one can compare this holy space to the womb, the place where new life comes forth. Conception, gestation, birth, the feast cycle, and more add to this fascinating imagery. Our talk on intimacy also led to a discussion about circumcision! Lots to consider, you don’t want to miss this podcast! Be sure to share with your friends.

Why are we so fearful of intimacy? Why do we avoid talking about sexual issues? Pornography? Listen to find out.

Sadly, the first 15 minutes failed to record, so our discussion starts abruptly. But, you can hear John’s original delivery of this message here, or visit his website:

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