Healing for the Nations

This week, Laura Lee of Healing for the Nations on Hebrew Nation Radio, joined Dr. Deb and Kisha to share her incredible testimony. Laura is like so may that suffer. As a child, she was molested and abused, which led her to seek love and affirmation in all the wrong places. Alcohol and drug abuse, promiscuity, marrying the wrong men, and much more became a cycle of death and despair in Laura’s life. But, Laura Lee had a praying mother! YHWH answered those prayers, and heard the cries for His wayward daughter.

Laura Lee refers to herself as, “A Modern Day Samaritan Woman.” One day, she truly did meet the One Who could tell her all things that she had done, Yeshua. He took her into the depths of her childhood, where it all began, and gently began to heal all the broken places that caused her to seek ways to forget all the pain, rejection, and wounds inflicted by the enemy. It’s difficult to hear Laura’s story, but it BOLDLY proclaims the power of our Redeemer! No pit is too deep for Him to reach you!

Today, Laura has a burden for those trapped in abuse and addictions of any type. She knows the Healer and desires for all those that struggle to be set free. If you or a loved one struggles with any of these issues, you must hear this powerful testimony! We serve an amazing Elohim that LOVES you beyond measure, even when you are at your worst. Listen Now!

(The first segment has some sound issues that are resolved midway in the first hour, sorry.)

You can find Laura Lee here and on Hebrew Nation Radio.