The Forgiveness Tarts With Dr. Robin Gould

This past week, Dr. Robin Gould of New Covenant Path joined us for a special treat! We apologize for the late podcast, but some things are well worth the wait – like the special forgiveness tarts that the baker in Dr. Gould’s first children’s book bakes for the townspeople of Apple Harbour. The people in this fictional town learned that reconciled relationships taste even better than the best gourmet tart. Children and adults alike can learn a thing or two from Dr. Gould’s fabulous new book called, The Forgiveness Tarts.

Though the tone of the program was whimsical and fun, we discussed some serious topics such as forgiveness and the consequences of unforgiveness and holding grudges. Since it was the first night of Purim, we also tied these themes into the story of Esther. We had so much fun that the 2 hours flew by! After listening to the podcast, we know you’ll be baking your own bunch of forgiveness tarts or at least craving something sugary and sweet.

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