How to Walk Through the Wilderness

This week, Hannah Kallio joined Dr. Deb Wiley and Kisha Gallagher to share her testimony and to give the audience a taste of her upcoming book on the wilderness journey we each face. Hannah is an especially creative and courageous woman in the Kingdom with a unique outlook. She’s an Israeli exile who’s at home in France, Italy, and Minnesota. Hannah is homemaker who had it all, gave it all away, and lived out of a backpack. She has lived in a 300 year-old stone farmhouse, a Breton castle, a camper overlooking the Mediterranean coast, and a tiny mud dome in the Arava desert.

These experiences have both challenged and inspired Hannah. She says, “I believe in singing new songs, and remembering the ones we’ve forgotten. I equip women to live with soul-deep God confidence. I write, speak, sing and create my guts out for the only One who is worthy.” Hannah also offers coaching and editing services to those that need some help honing their craft of writing and speaking. During the program, Hannah inspired us to reevaluate our own wilderness experiences; to stop and ponder and pray about the Creator’s purpose in taking us to these wild and uncultivated areas. There is unbridled beauty and divine intent if we adjust our perspective. Listen to learn more!

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