Dr. Jimmilea Berryhill, Women Restored

Dr. Jimmilea Berryhill joined Dr. Deb Wiley and Kisha Gallagher this week to share her wisdom and years of experience in mentoring and teaching the Body in matters of faith and life. Dr. Berryhill has been involved in Biblical education for thirty years. She holds a doctorate degree from Oxford Graduate School in the field of integration of Religion and Society. She is also the founder and president of Jubilee Christian College. In 1999, she wrote Women Restored (a groundbreaking book that she is currently updating). This book led to the founding of a ministry to women by the same name through conferences, seminars, study groups, and mentoring.

But even more than her many accolades, Jimmilea has a gentle, mothering spirit that is infectious.  She is truly a servant at heart, and a mentor for younger women and the Body in general. Be on the lookout in 2018 for Dr. Berryhill’s upcoming new book, What Jewish Women Know, Christian Women Need to Hear. It is sure to be a gem in your library.

In this podcast, Dr. Berryhill shared several testimonies, emphasized the importance of proper education and research, and gave the audience some great advice on some common issues that we all face. She also underscored the importance and value of family, community, and the special role that women have in these vital entities. You don’t want to miss this message!!