Freedom from Captivity

Join Laura Lee as she takes us on a journey of freedom for not only our ancestors but also for us, today. Freedom. It is not cheap, nor is it easy…Moses, Harriet Tubman, Yeshua, and many others have paid a great price by giving their lives to assist others to obtain freedom…lets embrace out freedom in Yeshua, lets walk out our salvation with fear and trembling…just like our predecessors did, walking as Yeshua did, in obedience to His Torah, to His ways…these are the last days of history as we know it…

The second half of the show continues to explore the hot topic of domestic abuse…Laura Lee provides hope for the restoration of a battered soul, to both the abused and the abuser. Domestic abuse is much misunderstood and scriptures are twisted to keep women oppressed and guilted into remaining in destructive relationships. Many therapists are not trained to detect abuse and therefore can do more harm than good.

Laura Lee will continue to explore this topic in upcoming shows, giving direction and guidance to those that suffer and to those that may know both the abused and the abuser.

Books that have been helpful are:

Lundy Bancroft Why Does He Do That?

Patricia Evans The Verbally Abusive Relationship

Jeff Crippen A Cry For Justice/blog A Cry For Justice

Barbara Roberts Not Under Bondage