From Stone to Flesh

with Dr David E Jones

Will Spires – T.S.44 the button tree prophet

This week we talk to Singer, songwriter Will Spires about a new book released called the Button Tree Prophet. We follow the life of Travis Shipley and learn a few lessons along the way. The emphasis of the book is compassion and brotherly love toward one another.

The year is 1944 in a struggling mill village textile town of Columbia, South Carolina. Ten year old Travis Shipley has just lost his father, with one exception. Entrusted to his heart and hands Travis’ father has passed down to him a Bakelite blue button, and tasked him to unravel the lesson that will either bring Travis to irreparable ruin, or open the doors to a redemption beyond his imagination. Seeking answers Travis sets out somewhat begrudgingly to discover the hidden message behind his father’s button, only to find out the button has suddenly gone missing. Without his father or the button all is lost, or is it? Travis is about to receive some supernatural help from a few ordinary sources. But will it be enough to save Travis from the other voices that incessantly seek to derail him.

Check it out.

find the book here:

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