From stone to flesh

the Tree of the Knowledge of Good

In our zeal to know YHWH more, we often dive into scripture, books, commentaries, studies etc. To learn from (with) each other is not a negative thing, but what if the pursuit changes somewhere along the way? Could we possibly exchange knowledge ABOUT Him in place of KNOWING Him? We forget that the tree of the knowledge of good and evil still had good in it! Where should our focus, or balance, be?

Dr. David Jones is currently the Pastor of Ruach Ministries in Brandon, FL. He is an Author, Pastor, Teacher, Conference speaker, & has travelled internationally teaching the Hebrew Roots of our faith. He received his Doctorate in 2014 from Tabernacle Bible College & Seminary based in Brandon, FL. TBCS also has extension schools, students and graduates in 46 states across America and 50 foreign countries. 

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