Jackson Snyder and the Vero (Essene) Yahad present the beautiful and thrilling exhortations from both the Damascus and Community (Yahad) Rules. The Scrolls people were the descendents of the Davidian priesthood or Zadok, and called themselves continuously the ‘sons of Zadok.’ Other titles include ‘the poor (ebionim),’ ‘the way (derek)’ and ‘the children of light (yeladim l’owr).’ The full Yahad (community / unity / togetherness) was divided into smaller groups of 12 to 15, each unit having a priest, and overseer and a teacher / prophet. These three were called ‘pillars,’ just as Paul called Cephas, Jamee and John the ‘purported pillars.’ There is so much in common with what we know about Nazarene Israel in these documents that we need not wonder why these people were never addressed in the New Testament – because ‘them are us.’