Jackson Snyder Presents the factual story of Emperor Constantine and the Nicene Council. More lies are flying around than Constantine’s myth than flies in a pigsty. Here is yet another attempt to set the record straight. When Constantine comes up in a Sukkot meeting, I have to set the record straight. Was he a sun worshiper? No. Was he a Catholic? No. Did he force the Roman Empire to become Catholics? No. Did he get his way in the Nicene Council? No! His side lost. Was his family pagans and Catholics? No! They were Arian believers. What did he do? He conquered five other emperors to end persecution against Christians and bring religious liberty to the entire empire. Did he change the Bible? No. Did he have a vision near the Milvian bridge? Yes. The XP (chi-rho) symbol = the first two letters of the word Messiah in Greek, not a pagan symbol at all. Was he baptized on his deathbed? Yes. But there was a good reason for that. Listen and learn the truth, and let Constantine get his revenge!