For this week’s show, host Mark Call draws upon his decades of experience with electronics, radio frequencies, and communications technology to take a look at some of the “hidden in plain sight” threats that ARE intended to be foisted on people “before they know what hit them.”

In particular, one of the key aspects of the “Internet of Things,” and the control grid that will form the background of a pervasive “all-seeing control network,” and even part of the system without which participation the slaves of Another Master won’t even be able to “buy or sell,” is the soon-to-be-unleashed new cellphone technology called “5G,” for Fifth Generation. Maybe the Last, too.

Join Mark for a look at why ‘come out of her,’ can also mean, “don’t let it IN to your house!”

NOTE: Mark references “millimeter wavelength” or microwave frequencies in this program, and how many of the 5G frequency bands are MUCH higher than that used in 3G and 4G cell systems.
For example, some 4G bands are around 800 MHz, or 0.8 GHz, while 5G systems, to be installed more more “densely,” include bands up at 27 through 28 GHz, and 37 to 40 GHz. WHY that’s a problem is part of what you need to be aware of, before it’s too late.