This week, your host — and electronic engineer, in a previous life — returns to a topic “near and dear” to his heart, and one that is SO important to understand in a world where “evil” is not only being called “good,” but elementary school kids in the Publik Indoctrinashun Senturs are explicitly being taught NOT to even THINK. (Orwell had it right.)

It’s not just that “words mean things.”

Language literally CONSTRAINS THOUGHT.

And the Truth is, that if you can’t readily express a thought in whatever language you have come to “think” in, you’ll have a hard time even thinking it at all.

Which is why the effort to destroy the language, and thus not only ‘undermine’ the law, but destroy the culture, and the very understanding of His Truth itself, is so important to RECOGNIZE.

Because your can’t resist it, much less fight it, if you don’t even recognize the battle.