There is SOOO much happening in the world right now, especially when it comes to the various Wars-in-Progress: civil, world, economic, on Truth, and on His Remnant…
..that there is no shortage of topics for which a good Scriptural answer is “come out of her, My people.”

But Mark suggests this week that “been there, done that,” is a good reason for examining ANOTHER very pertinent theme.

Have you noticed how often in Scripture (including this week’s Torah portion, even) the text reads something like, “And YHVH spoke to” …well, any number of prophets, including Moses, “saying,” any number of important things. But — all too often — the Bible then tells us, “but they didn’t LISTEN!”

And THAT speaks volumes to us today, still! Why bother to be prophet, “watchman on the wall,” radio host, author, public servant, or even just a person who tries as best we can to simply be obedient to Him in that regard, if folks won’t listen?

Ah! And there are some VERY good reasons on that score!

Join Mark for an inspiring reminder of not only the ‘how,’ but the WHY:

“Tell ’em what I tell you to tell ’em, says YHVH…
Isaiah’s Job!”