Jackson Snyder presents two award-winning messages:

MASTER AND COMMANDER – Have you wondered what “Lord of Hosts” meant? Is the “Lord” the greatest host in the universe? Maybe so, but the word “hosts” in old fashioned lingo for “armies.” Better Bibles will have “Sabaoth” instead of “hosts.” Roots Bibles will have “Tviot” or something like that. YHWH often refers to himself as the “Commander of Armies.” This is a title we should never gloss over, because it is used when there is justice to be done. YHWH has an army; but he has ALL ARMIES. And he uses the armies on earth as he pleases despite what their earthly commanders order or intend.

LEPERS – This is a sermon about the 10 lepers of the Gospels, but delivered in a way that is very seldom encountered these days. The entire message is in verse. Yes, this was a method popular 300 years ago, but today preachers are in a big hurry because they feel they have such timely news or they are just lazy. Few messages preached today are CRAFTED. Here is an opportunity to experience a work of art with a timely message and an irresistible call to discipleship.