Jackson Snyder Presents the Archuleta team, licensed teachers with the Vero Essene Yahad, in another hard-hitting Torah class.  Consider the average religious person in the United States – the Consensus person.  What does the Consensus religious hobbyist think when he / she hears the word Torah.  She knows exactly what the word means – been taught the word in Sunday School for the last 30 years.  But what will she do with the word and the mouth that has said it.  “You mean the Commandments?” she might burst out.  “Why do you want to talk about that there Jewish stuff?  Jesus did away with that on the cross.”  And before the conversation gets any farther along, she just walks away.  The Archuletas have excellent words for the Consensus and for us about what is often a dirty word: Torah.  These words you will want to download and listen to over and over again, for these words and the words of  life and the flashlight that illuminates the dark pathway to home.

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