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2.21.17 (Repeat) – Hebrew Nation Morning Show – 3Wise Guys

Technocracy. Are we REALLY free or are we becoming slaves to a ruling elite? Are our freedoms being restricted, one small step at a time through an appeal to our humanity? What do we do to stop it and to extract ourselves from this web or can we even? The Wise Guys ask YHWH to guide them in translating Shemoth (Exodus) 1:6-14, and B’reshith (Genesis) 41:41 into positive action steps for each of us today. The Wise Guys speak with author and internationally syndicated talk show host Josh Tolley ( in the second hour to approach this problem head...

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Reconnect 3/22/17

Barry continues the series on Worship, with this episode focusing on another use of the hands in praising YHWH. More often than not, when we clap our hands, it is in response to music and we try to determine whether to clap on the beat or on the offbeat! But this is not the primary use of clapping as a means of praise, according to Scripture. Listen in as Barry details a much overlooked opportunity to Praise our Elohim! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android |...

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Hebrew Nation Morning Show – The Remnant Road, 3/20/17

Charting the First Nations Awakening One of the most significant – and for most people unexpected – developments in the awakening of the Hebrew Nation is the simultaneous awakening of Native Americans to reclaim the beauty, strength, and redemptive gifts YHVH bestowed on them. As stewards of the land they bear great authority. Sadly, the history of the last 500 years has featured endless waves of oppression and domination by newcomers from Europe and Africa who disregarded not only the position of the First Nations, but the great gifts they were ready to share. Our three guests understand these...

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Hebrew Nation Morning Show – Weds 3/15/17 Guest Host Anne & Stephen McLeod

Learning Hebrew – Part 2 Stephen is a retired college professor, a poet who taught English, writing, World Literature, research skills, and who did a great deal of research into educational skills and methodologies and Anne is a housewife with a BS in secondary foreign language education with endorsements in Spanish and French, and went on to teach Alabama History, English, and Civics.   Both were moved into seriously learn Hebrew and teach it – a methodology that Stephen relates in some of his articles on Peer Assisted Learning. As they learned Hebrew they taught it, and as the studied...

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