Author: Albert McCarn

Hebrew Nation Morning Show – The Remnant Road, 4/24/17

When Ordinary People Serve an Extraordinary God The Torah Awakening has been going on for about a generation. Where are we now on YHVH’s process of maturing a people who embrace Messiah Yeshua and honor the Torah as Yeshua did? That question provides the backdrop for our visit with one of Hebrew Nation Radio’s newest broadcasters, Kisha Gallagher! Along with Dr. Deb Wiley, Kisha hosts Renewed on Wednesday mornings. She also shares the things the Father has taught her through her blog, Grace in Torah, and is author of the BEKY book, The Biblical New Moon: A Beginner’s Guide...

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Hebrew Nation Morning Show – The Remnant Road, 4/17/17

Where YHVH Placed His Name We are just weeks away from the 50th anniversary of Israel regaining control of the Temple Mount. In recent years, preparations for rebuilding the Temple and reestablishing the Aaronic priesthood have progressed significantly, even to the point of having trained priests conduct reenactments of the Passover sacrifice, and blessing worshippers at the Western Wall. Our guest is highly qualified to talk about these developments. Joseph Good of Hatikvah Ministries and Jerusalem Temple Study is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the Temple. He is no stranger to Hebrew Nation Radio; Joe shares his...

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Hebrew Nation Morning Show – The Remnant Road, 4/10/17

So we’ve learned about Torah. Now What? The Messianic/Hebrew Roots Movement exists because people are realizing that their relationship with Yeshua (Jesus) grows deeper when they begin to learn and apply Torah (the (Law, Teaching, and Commandments of YHVH). This is a paradigm shift from the traditional Christian understanding many Hebraic people have practiced for much of their lives. Sadly, what usually happens is that the paradigm shift makes it difficult to remain in a traditional Christian setting, which means Torah followers leave the church – and the fellowship, community, and other good things the church has to offer. The...

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Hebrew Nation Morning Show – The Remnant Road, 4/3/17

Rehabilitating the Lions There is a very real Adversary out there who would like nothing better than to keep YHVH’s people thinking they are weak and helpless.  That is the topic of our conversation with Cole Davis of On That Day Ministries (  For many years, he has been helping people identify where they have allowed Satan to hinder their walk with Yeshua and with others and discern how to remove those hindrances.  As Cole explains, sometimes this involves spiritual warfare, and sometimes it involves a new level of surrender to the Father in the process of regaining ground...

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Hebrew Nation Morning Show – The Remnant Road, 3/27/17

Power in Intercession Are we missing something in the Hebrew Roots Movement? We have gained much knowledge, but are we living in the love and power that YHVH intends for the accomplishment of His Kingdom purposes? This is the theme of our conversations with two voices of wisdom from different segments of YHVH’s people. Evangelist Alveda King, Director of Civil Rights for the Unborn at Priests for Life (, talks with us about breaking down walls that have divided the body of Messiah for far too long.  She is followed by Dr. Deborah Wiley of Oasis Life Center (,...

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