Author: Albert McCarn

Hebrew Nation Morning Show – The Remnant Road, 9/4/17

Diligently Teaching Our Children Children do not automatically develop a biblical worldview. Like all worthy endeavors, training up our children in the way they should go requires active participation, wisdom, effort, patience, creativity, and a large measure of fun. This is something Tyler Dawn Rosenquist knows from her years of experience as a scholar, author, and Mom. She joins us on The Remnant Road to share her insights about instilling Torah principles in young people to prepare them for life. Many of these insights have found their way into Tyler’s five books, the newest of which is Context For...

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Hebrew Nation Morning Show – The Remnant Road, 8/28/17

What does Hebraic Revival look like? The history of Christianity features periods of major revival, particularly in the last 500 years. One explanation of this is that revivals happen at times when God is restoring something His people have lost. The Reformation, for example, featured restoration of the Word of God as the Bible was translated into the common languages of Europe. The Great Awakenings of the 18th and 19th centuries emphasized repentance and holiness, transforming societies through such actions as the abolition of slavery and giving birth to the modern missionary movement. Then came the Azusa Street and...

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Hebrew Nation Morning Show – The Remnant Road, 8/21/17

Why should I care about BDS? Just how much hatred of Israel is there in the world? You may be surprised. Much of the audience of The Remnant Road is pro-Israel. Whether Messianic/Hebrew Roots, Christian, or Jewish, our impression of the State of Israel and the Jewish people is positive. That attitude, of course, comes from a biblical worldview which sees Israel as the covenant nation of the Almighty God. Yet most of the world does not share such a worldview. This is where Lee Bender comes in. He has been fighting anti-Israel bias for many years through his...

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Hebrew Nation Morning Show – The Remnant Road, 8/14/17

The Eclipse is coming! Should I be worried? People have regarded solar eclipses as frightening signs of disaster and judgment since the beginning of recorded history. Is that how we should view the Great American Eclipse of 2017? How does it fit in the prophetic timeline of Israel’s restoration – and how is that even relevant? That’s the topic for our first hour. Mike and Al will try to get beyond the hype and talk about the possible meaning of this celestial event which many people regard as a sign from God. For our second hour we will talk...

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Hebrew Nation Morning Show – The Remnant Road, 8/7/17

The Nexus of Torah, Messiah, and Israel In this inaugural show of our new format, Mike Clayton and Al McCarn talk about the scriptural basis for the return of the House of Israel/Ephraim, and why so many Christians are awakening to an understanding of this and of their part in it. If Israel really is our home, then what happens there now should be of interest to us, and we should prayerfully consider how to get involved in support of the State of Israel and the Jewish people. Our second hour features a lively conversation with Jeremy Chance Springfield,...

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