Dill Martin from near Manchester England opened the program by recalling his days from age 15 to 40, when his god was money—and he had lots! But when, in a series of court cases, he lost half a million pounds, he realized his ‘god’ had feet of clay. He began to go to church, and then to read the Bible. Reading God’s Word, he simply decided to obey His instructions—so he left the Church of England, in order to keep the biblical Sabbath and the feasts, which he realized had never been done away with.

He was persuaded that the moon landing were a hoax, and that the world of money was controlled by the Illuminati and the Bilderbergers.

He became aware of Nibiru, the ‘dark star’ that is soon coming towards our solar system. He has posted a host of photos and videos of Nibiru (or ‘planetX’) at Youtube.com/DillMartin.

Asked about CERN — the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland — he says its ultimate goal is to open the pit from which Abbadon will emerge with hordes of scorpion-like locusts to torture humans for five months. (Revelation 9:11)

All governments around the world have been under the full control of the Rothschilds for hundreds of years, he says. The goal, says Dill Martin, is to bring all the world into a one-world church.
He says Illuminati underground bases have been under construction for about 200 years.

“Within the next few weeks—three or four months at most—it’s going to be announced that we’re now in contact with aliens, maybe an alien invasion. But it’s not ‘aliens’, it’s demons—maybe from the opening of the pit (at CERN).”

Dill Martin presented one reason why he believes the Appollo moon landing was a hoax:
“Man has never gone even into earth orbit”—they couldn’t survive the intense radiation of the Van Allen belt, he says.

He says CERN and Nibiru will act together to bring about Isaiah 13:9-13. Certain conditions must be met on earth—apathy, misery—created by the powers that be, to make way for “the day of the Lord”. When the pit is opened, the Nephilim and Ananaki will come forth.

He also said that Rabbi Finkelstein from California was seen on TV saying that things like dessicated DNA are in fast food—including ‘meat’ from aborted babies.

Fracking, he said, costs far more to carry out than the value of the oil and gas produced: it’s purpose is to poison water to market Nestles’ commercial water… their new brand, “Pure Life”, has secret minerals added.

Geoengineering and chemtrails are killing people, he said. About 700 chemicals—including dessicated blood cells and fungus—are in chemtrails.

Anti-germination ‘nanobots’ are now being placed in seeds to prevent seed from being saved and to reduce crops—so more patented seed must be bought from the companies that have patented them.