In our Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth manual…James tells us
faith is dead w/out works. Our Christian “Bros” tell us we’re judaizers
or legalists. YHWH says Torah is our life. So the question of the day
is, “What are Works?” Besides the definition, the Wise Guys address the
application of works and ask questions like, “are works an out product
of your faith walk, can works look differently for each person, and do
works of righteousness out weigh works towards our
brothers/sisters–maybe they are one in the same? If you are thinking
to yourself that works is a relatively “light” topic and seemingly
uninteresting, the Wise Guys dare you to look at Revelation 22:12 and
ask the question, “what does Yeshua mean when he will reward in measure
for our works?” Tune and see what kind of responses there are.