Extreme politics, fear of the world ending, and giants in the land are front page news!  Right?  Though how often do we address issues that actually affect us rather than entertain us?  How often do we look at our ability to be productive in a sinful world?  How often do we address personal “fruitfulness” in our neighborhoods or homes?  Would you agree that we can get caught up in the latest fascinating story that we can actually create a real problem?  The Wise Guys take on “the problems” that have a tendency to cause sterile lives among us.  They address big ones and small ones, while asking the question, “Do problems stop us from prospering?”  The conversation for the day addresses daily puzzles, faith, and living in a world that is not always considerate to those who believe in God.  Don’t miss out, but tune in:  3wiseguys@hebrewnation.net