News headlines discussed:
• UN official blames Israel for Palestinian men’s violence against women; but world data show she’s wrong—Islamic doctrine accounts for the vast majority of domestic violence.
• President Erdogan has seized 50 churches in Turkey
• Swedish national police chief: crime is rampant in 61 Islamic ‘no-go zones’
• Protesters picket Qatari embassy at Washington
• Texas Bill 89 prohibits state from doing business with BDS firms
• Frank Gaffney’s Team Jihad e-book outlines Leftist alliance with Jihad


What do we believe? Whom do we believe?

Messiah quoted Isaiah: “Well has Isaiah said, ‘These people honor Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me.”

Dan Holdings recounted a conversation with a Believer who insisted that “I’ve got my rights!” “Do we have rights?” asked Dan. And he answered himself: “No, not if you love Him. A Bond-servant has no rights. He is a bond-servant. Why? Because he has said he loves his Master. The Israelites refused to enter the land because ‘they had the right to’… so they wandered for 40 years in the wilderness.”

Ron recalled a Trinity Western University professor—and historian—whose study of American history revealed that “with a handful—a remnant—who are motivated by love, God can change the world.”

A paper by Dr. Ken Davis entitled The 4% Solution reported that in the early days of the American Revolution, the best contemporary historians stated that fewer than five percent of the American colonists were involved in the move for what they called “Independency”. We learn from this, said Dr. Davis, that just four percent of the people, properly trained and motivated, can overturn the world’s most powerful opponent.

Later in history, the Bible’s prohibition on chattel slavery—what the Bible calls man-stealing, and calls a capital offense against God Himself—brought the nation to the brink of breakup. Did you know that slavery was abolished in Upper Canada in 1791? That was 40 years before William Wilberforce in England, and 90 years before Lincoln.

Love for the master, and dying to self, is not something you do once… we have to do it every day.  Our lives are not our own.

We can have an effect on the world as it is today. We can be a channel for Him to have an effect in the world. If you want to have an effect, go to the Father and ask Him what you should do.