The Wise Guys approach two topics of defense in this mornings show: How to defend yourself and those dear to you and how to defend or assist those in slavery.

The first show is on personal defense and addresses gun ownership. If you have ever wondered if you should protect your family with a weapon or maybe you have thought that you shouldn’t protect yourself in that YHWH will do it for you—then tune in. The Wise Guys speak with Larry Pratt a well known speaker and CEO of Gun Owners of America. Larry talks about how we can approach gun ownership, what to expect, how to prepare ourselves, and how to get involved in gun ownership rights.

In the second half, the Wise Guys bring on two young ladies from Youth Ending Slavery who discuss sex and labor slavery currently plaguing our world. You will find this show very informative. And hopefully after listening, you will be inspired to start doing something right now—either in your own family or outside of it

Is Passover relevant for us today? How do we apply Passover and is there room for interpretation? The Wise Guys look at the Torah and New Testament texts while they address modern day questions that are many times asked by non, new, and old believers.