Wakeup! for March 2, 2017

Hebrew Nation’s Wakeup! Thursday morning program started with some stunning news headlines, and ended with an alert for listeners about changes coming Friday; and in between was a short but informative interview with author Raymond Ibrahim.

The news headlines discussed during the first half-hour included:
ISIS looting in Nineveh unveils the palace of Sennacherib & Esarhaddon (WND), confirming the Bible.
Hamas’ recent rocket attacks on Israel (three in the last four days) are intended to provoke Israeli reaction against ISIS in Gaza, says London’s DailyMailOnline.
The British government has ruled that ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ is anti-Semitic, therefore illegal.
Radical leftist Valerie Jarrett has moved in with the Obamas at their $5.3 million Kalorama, DC mansion to establish the HQ for an anti-Trump ‘insurrection’; she has family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Other links for the ‘insurrection’ are George Soros’ Tides Foundation, Open Society and 53 other Leftist or Islamic front groups.

Dan Holdings noted that one of his novels: As the Darkness Falls, inspired by the Ruach, warned of an Islamic confederation (called ISMW in the book) declaring a Caliphate.

Dan said he saw the Leftist’s anti-Trump ‘insurrection’ as a move to divide America.

Ron said: “Don’t wait for someone else to fix it; WE (God’s people) have to speak up, pray, and be bold for the truth. When II Chron. 7:14 speaks of the “wicked ways” of God’s people, what are they? I think APATHY may be at the top of the list.”

Today’s guest was Raymond Ibrahim, author of Crucified Again—which laments more than 100,000 Christians being martyred for their faith each year. He also wrote, in a recent commentary for the Middle East Quarterly, that “It’s time to de-fang the Saudi snake.”

Saudi Arabia spends $100 billion a year to promote the Wahhabi version of Islam, Ibrahim reported; the House of Saud also builds and staffs Wahhabi mosques worldwide—and also directly aids Islamic terrorism by funding Boko Haram, ISIS, al Quaedi, al-Shabbab and other terrorist groups… as do other oil-rich Gulf states, like Qatar.

Islam is not “just another religion”, Mr. Ibrahim explained. It’s a totally comprehensive law-system that governs every aspect of life. Thus, Islam’s Shariah Law is diametrically opposed to the constitutional law of liberal democracies. But Islamists use the religious liberties of the West as a shield while they try to destroy democracy.

ISIS, said Ibrahim, is media–savvy, and uses videos of its atrocities for recruitment, and to demoralize the west—following the Qur’anic injunction to “strike terror into their hearts.”

Three books came up for discussion by Dan, Perry and Ron: Charlotte Iserbyte’s The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America; The Closing of the American Mind by Prof. Allan Bloom; and Lance Wallnau’s The Seven Mountain Strategy, which identifies seven aspects of culture:
politics, education, business and economics, family, church, and culture—and by capturing each of those mountains, says Wallnau, we can capture a society—either for good or for evil. It’s a concept that was spoken of as “sphere sovereignty” by Abraham Kuyper, a journalist and theologian who became Prime Minister in the Netherlands before the First World War; and also by Bill Bright, the founder of Campus Crusade and Loren Cunningham (founder of YWAM, Youth with a Mission), in 1975.

Finally, Daniel Holdings said, “Tomorrow morning we will be launching the brand new Hebrew Nation website… lots of content, including video, and a “Listen Live” button that takes you automatically to the radio.

Also included are some new shows, starting last night with From Stone to Flesh, featuring Dr. David Jones of Ruach Ministries. Give it a listen.