Wakeup! for March 16, 2017

Today’s program was a wide-ranging conversation between co-hosts Daniel Holdings and Ron Gray; co-host Perry Gerhart was in mid-air en route to Israel via Texas—the result of a sudden ministry invitation that he’ll tell us about on Wakeup! very soon.

Today, Ron reported on the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) meeting he attended at his local university the night before.

This anti-Israel propaganda campaign is the latest weapon the leaders of co-called “Palestinians” are mobilizing to attack Israel. (Ron prefers to call Israel’s non-citizens “non-resident Jordanians”, based on the historical fact that in 1922 Britain gave the non-Jewish residents of the Palestine Mandate 78% of the territory of Palestine—now called “Jordan”).

From 1948 to 1973, they tried to destroy Israel militarily—and failed. From 1993 to the present, they’ve tried to demoralize Israel by intifada terrorism—and failed. Now they’re trying to destroy Israel’s reputation internationally with false slanders like “apartheid” and “colonialism”. God willing, this campaign will fail, too: since the BDS campaign started in 2011, Israel’s GDP has doubled!

But it takes the willingness of all of us—especially those ‘grafted in’ to the Commonwealth of Israel—to speak up in Israel’s defense, to stop this campaign of vilification that is infesting our university and college campuses—and many churches. Denominations that embrace the unbiblical doctrines of ‘replacement theology’, or the heresy of so-called ‘liberation theology’, are especially susceptible.

For a primer on BDS, watch Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’ cogent six-minute video at: