Pull out those notebooks and get ready to home school!  Join the Wise Guys as they explore the wonderful world of homeschooling; it’s benefits, challenges, and rewards.  To help out today’s discussion, Garritt Hampton, producer and creator of “Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution” joins the discussion. A proud homeschooling dad and husband of 22 years, Garritt left the movie producing set of Hollywood and set out across the country with his wife Yvette and family to make a feature-length documentary trumpeting the beneficial choices of homeschooling.  The film will be aired in 2019 and will promote the secrets of successful homeschooling and dispel the many myths of homeschooling.  So if you are wondering what homseschool can do for you and your family or if you just want to be inspired, tune in to the Wise Guys  3wiseguys@hebrewnation.net