How would you prepare before, during or after a disaster? Do you have what it takes to survive? What does it mean to prepare spiritually and physically for any disaster? Join the Wise Guys as they explore the art of being prepared (Kun in Hebrew) through the Biblical example of Joshua and by exploring threats of possible disasters facing our every day world. Neal White a survivalist expert joins the Wise Guys to talk about the current threat of the Cascadia Subduction Zone off the Northwest Coast of the United States–a disaster that could produce one of the largest Tsunami’s ever seen. Neal has trained over 64 thousand Air Force, Army, and NASA students and was the Superintendent of Survival Academics for the USAF Survival School. A Mission operator and Search & Rescue Pilot, Neal now serves as Chairmen of the Salem Airport Emergency Preparedness Committee. If you think being prepared is silly, you may change your mind after hearing this program.
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Next week the 3Wise Guys will be talking with Rebecca Garvin from Teshuva Ministries about how women can create a spiritual atmosphere in the home.