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Posted by on Dec 3, 2013 in News Alerts | 0 comments

Walmart ObamaCare RFID Scanner

health scanner kiosk

What does it mean?  (Commentary from HN News editor)  I am usually very careful and selective about posting YouTube news sources. I want them to be credible. This one really caught my eye. This was taken at a Walmart in Hampton VA.  I was going to sit on it, but then a SECOND CONFIRMING Youtube source came out, verifying this story.  The ORIGINAL version of the ObamaCare 1400 page bill had language in it about a “medical registry” device  (aka RFID), but then in the FINAL version of the bill, this language was taken out.

So, the fact that this Health care kiosk in a Walmart that has the capability to scan an RFID chip in your hand has popped up, well, maybe that is an indication of the HIDDEN agenda and DARKER motive behind the ObamaCare health bill that was shoved down our throats. It is not about healthcare. (The Mickey Mouse broken website, the rising premiums, the loss of health care coverage of millions from their private carriers, the loss of jobs, all attest to that fact!) What IS it about then?  It is a GATEWAY to an essential service that the Government has HIJACKED from your friendly neighborhood doctor and hospital. It is about Power and control of your personal information…and not just health information.

Published on Nov 21, 2013   Video taken at Walmart in Hampton, VA.





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