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Posted by on Oct 20, 2013 in News Alerts | 0 comments

Permanent Peace Deal Will be Achieved in Spring 2014′

Peace deal_spring 2014


British Consul-General to Jerusalem Sir Vincent Fean hedged Saturday that “a permanent agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority will be reached by the spring of 2014,” the Palestinian news agency Maan reported.

According to the report, Fean said that the agreement will include joint Israeli-Palestinian sovereignty over Jerusalem.

The British consul-general was quoted as saying that the spring of 2014 is going to be “crucial to the inception of a Palestinian state on the basis of a political solution,” adding that “Jerusalem will serve as the shared capital of Israel and the future Palestinian state and the agreement will also include land swaps.”

Meanwhile, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas also commented on the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks over the weekend. Abbas, who slammed Israel’s settlement policies in Judea and Samaria, said that “East Jerusalem will become the capital of the independent Palestinian state.”

Read more (Israel Hayom)

What does it mean?  (Commentary from HN News Editor)  There is that Palestinian or shall I say Esau baby nation being spoken of again. The nations of the world want it to be “born”  this coming Spring of 2014….This should be a very interesting spring to watch. Will we see the birth of biblical Zion, the birth of the Jacob nation, immediately afterwards, as the Jacob nation emerges from the womb of Egypt/Babylon?
Time will tell!

To learn more about this theme that pervades Middle East news, visit Walkingintorah website teaching page and watch the teaching:

Birth Pangs: The End Time Struggle Between an Esau Nation and a Jacob Nation

birthing struggle between Jacob and Esau nations


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