Continuing in the Apostle Paul’s letter to those of The Way in Rome (Romans), chapter 10, Rabbi Steve Berkson poses the question that comes out of verse 4 – are you doing what you’re doing just to look righteous to others, or are you doing it to look like Messiah Yeshua? In this chapter we see Paul quoting Moses from Deuteronomy chapter 30, who is talking to the people about the Torah, but symbolically speaking of Messiah.

When someone says, “I’m saved!”, what does that mean? Is it a status? a state of being? Hear what Rabbi Steve has to say about that.

Moving into chapter 5 of Romans, Rabbi Steve takes us on a journey of understanding how we should feel honored and blessed when we go through “pressures”, which produce endurance, which produces the approval of YHVH.

Then, going into the second letter from Peter (2 Peter) chapter 1, Rabbi Steve teaches us the steps that we should take to ensure that we will never fall from our faith.

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