Where YHVH Placed His Name

We are just weeks away from the 50th anniversary of Israel regaining control of the Temple Mount. In recent years, preparations for rebuilding the Temple and reestablishing the Aaronic priesthood have progressed significantly, even to the point of having trained priests conduct reenactments of the Passover sacrifice, and blessing worshippers at the Western Wall.

Our guest is highly qualified to talk about these developments. Joseph Good of Hatikvah Ministries and Jerusalem Temple Study is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the Temple. He is no stranger to Hebrew Nation Radio; Joe shares his decades of learning each Sunday on Measure the Pattern. We are honored to have Joe join us on the Remnant Road.

Are you curious about the actual location of the Temple? Do you wonder how the new generation of priests know what to do? Have you thought about why Yeshua and his apostles used Temple language in their teachings? Listen as we ask Joe these and many other questions!

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