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Nitzavim: Israel in the Beginning; America in the End

Find out YHVH's plan for Israel and America in the end of days. Thank you for listening to TheMessianicMessage.com ...
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Kimberly Rogers – The Messianic Message – Devarim 2016

Moses recounts the history of the first wilderness generation to the second as they prepare to go into the Land ...
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Kimberly Rogers – The Messianic Message – Pinchas 2016

________________________________________________ Pinchas is a very important figure in our faith because he shows us the kind of zeal that we ...
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Kimberly Rogers – The Messianic Message – Chukat 2016

_________________________________ Chukat 2016: The Bride Is A Holy Cow! The red heifer represents an earthly female with the same attributes ...
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Kimberly Rogers / The Messianic Message – Korah 2016: The Naughty Bride

_____________________________________-- Korah is our example of a "bride" who profanes the LORD to become a stranger and adulterer before Him ...
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Behalotcha 2016: The Leprosy of the Levites & Miriam

Did you know the Levites were ordained for Tabernacle service as if they had leprosy? Did you know the Levites ...
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Kimberly Rogers – TheMessianicMessage.com

Holiness has requirements that are summarized in Bechukkotai along with the penalties for disavowing our holiness. To disavow - not ...
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Kimberly Rogers – TheMessianicMessage.com – Tazria 2016: The Unintentional Sinner

Women are discriminated against because of their special ability to add living beings to the human race. This is because ...
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Kimberly Rogers – Tetzaveh 2016: The Royal Garments

These garments are more than wedding dress which is only worn one day, one time. Yeshua's Bride will always need ...
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Kimberly Rogers / The Messianic Message – Terumah 2016: The Tabernacle And The Bride

  The Tabernacle is the story of Yeshua and His Bride. Give it a listen to find out what I ...
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TheMessianicMessage.com – Yitro 2016: The Midian Mindset Among Us

Yitro was a King-Priest of Midian who story in this Torah Portion brings with it many parallels with Christianity. Yitro ...
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The Messianic Message – Kimberly Rogers – Vaera 2016

Vaera 2016: Don't Walk Like An Egyptian The plagues of Egypt represent all the merciful ways the LORD uses to ...
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