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Our Portion and Cup ~ Shmot ~ 01.22.17

New beginnings as a ‘nation’ for Israel – focus moving in our salvation story from the individual to the nation/corporate ...
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Libery whore

Mark Call – “Shemot” – teaching from Shabbat Shalom Mesa

NOTE: A file link error has been fixed - this should be the correct teaching for "Shemot"! Join Mark Call ...
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Foundations For Life:Sh’mot Exodus 1:1-6:1

The Hebrews are in slavery and crying out. Scripture does not say they were crying to Yah, just crying. Slavery ...
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Living Torah: John 6:51-60

We are to eat His flesh and drink His blood? These verses have been a stumbling block for many. Yeshua’s ...
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Reconnect with Barry Phillips

Are you following theories and opinions or solid doctrinal truth? Too many of us are walking in a gullible mindset, ...
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Wondrous Things – Sh’mot – January 18, 2017

Open my eyes that I might see Wondrous Things from Your Torah. Psalm 119:18 Every parsha – indeed every verse ...
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Now Is The Time w/Rabbi Steve Berkson – The Heart of the Matter – Part 49 – Romans

There’s more ‘heart’ to be discovered in the letter to the Romans as Rabbi Steve Berkson continues in chapters 8 ...
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Our Portion and Cup ~ VaYechi~ 01.15.17

Multiple topics this time to include: Your blessings will call to you in the last days – Was Joseph just ...
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There Has To Be More ~ 01-12-2017

Rabbi Sha’ul faced the same battle with his flesh, as we do, the Amalekites in his life, yet he was ...
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There Has To Be More ~ 01-09-2017

Have you ever felt as if you are in the middle of a battle field and have nowhere to run ...
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