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Jerusalem Next! – 05/19/2017

Trump’s true ideology is coming through regarding Israel. President Donald Trump and his team have begun to show their true ...
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Jerusalem Next! 05/12/2017

The world is all mixed up in military exercises this week that look like war preparations. These range from the ...
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Jerusalem Next! 05/05/2017

President Donald Trump hosted Israel’s arch enemy, President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority, this week, a move that may ...
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An Urgent Message From Hebrew Nation

Hebrew Nation's General Manager gives an urgent message for the virtual assembly ...
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Jerusalem Next! 04/28/2017

In this week's Bible prophecy news: Trump faces Iran and Russia in the Middle East and China and Russia over ...
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Jerusalem Next! 04/21/2017

In this week's Bible prophecy news: What does Bill O'Reilly's dismissal from FOX news have to do with Bible Prophecy? ...
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Jerusalem Next! 04/07/2017

I spoke at the https://www.pesach17.com/ conference in Jerusalem on March 28, 2017 where I addressed people from both Houses on the ...
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Jerusalem Next! 03/31/2017

Trump is at it again... Making war. US troops are on the move in Syria and Iran is not happy! ...
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Jerusalem Next! – 03/24/2017

U.S. troops and Syrian fighters insert behind ISIS lines to retake key dam in Syria, but this may be another ...
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Jerusalem Next! 03/17/2017

President Trump has run into trouble by left-leaning judges who believe United States security is not served by stopping immigrant ...
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Jerusalem Next! – 03/10/2017

Heads up! There was a lot of war news this past week. Iran has issued another warning to the US ...
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Jerusalem Next! – 02/03/2017

Trump's travel ban. What is it? Who is affected? Is it Constitutional? Are Obama and Trump now fulfilling Jeremiah 51:46? ...
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