What ministry has YHWH called you to do? Many times our initial response to this question is surrounded by a feeling of inadequacy. We might take on the belief that we can’t possibly be a preacher or teacher–a gift given to only a “chosen few.” The Wise Guys challenge this notion by dispelling what a preacher or teacher might look like or sound like according to examples given in Scripture. They also take a moment to discuss the ministry of “testimony or witness,” which at times, has become a forgotten asset for people who are looking to share the works and words of The Messiah. The Hebrew as well as English meanings of Preach, Teach, and Witness offered up some very surprising results in this program as well. To help bring things into an even fuller light, the Wise Guys invite Brenda and Natasha from Face2Face, a radio ministry aired on Klay AM 1180. The testimony from these two women on how YHWH has led their lives in ministering to others was insightful and powerful. So if you are unsure as what area of ministry you are being called to, the Wise Guys suggest that you tune in. 3wiseguys@hebrewnation.net